Define introversion 

  • What are common misconceptions about introversion?
  • What’s the distinction between introversion and shyness? 

How can introverts master public speaking? Here are 3 simple tips for mastering public speaking for introverts:

  • Own Your Introversion.
    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert. In fact, there are several strengths that come with being an introvert. Thinking it’s something bad or wrong and wanting to change it only makes it worse. Once you own it (or even love it about yourself), the anxiety dissipates.
  • Speak to individuals.
    • Focus on speaking to each person. Make eye contact with them. You can handle speaking to a person individually. Most of the anxiety comes from thinking of this large faceless crowd. Eye contact projects confidence. As we communicate confidence with our eye contact, our behavior and body will match that. 
  • Deliberately slow down.
    • We train our bodies how to react. If we’re feeling nervous, we will naturally speed up, and fuel our nervous energy. By deliberately slowing down, we are telling our body to slow down too. Just like with eye contact, our behavior and body will match what we tell them to. 

I hope these tips were helpful. I’ll see you next time!