Out of thousands of sessions, has anyone ever “found happiness?”

Not in the way they think. True happiness is a state of mind. It isn’t circumstantial.

To most people, happiness is an achievement of something or what happens when those circumstances align. 

This never lasts. What they refer to are occasional flashes of joy that make them feel like they’re “happy” . . .until they’re not. One of the ways people try to create this is by controlling life in their own personal bubble. This bubble encapsulates their familiar experiences, routines, and beliefs (many of them which have never been truly explored).

People think this bubble is reflective of the real world and that they’ve relative control over it. Life is familiar here, but the happiness isn’t. That’s because they can’t quite control everything required to hang onto it.

So what’s happiness? An idea. A state of mind that changes with the wind.

So what do most people want? Peace. Happiness and peace are two different things. If you want peace, choose peace.