What do you do when the thing that wasn’t supposed to happen… happens?

THIS wasn’t supposed to happen. But it did.

We never think THIS is as old as we’ll ever get, or THIS is the last time we’ll see someone. It’s never a part of the script.

After my first cardiac arrest, my problems disappeared. No one has problems in the ICU. Suddenly, things appear clear for the first time.

It takes trauma to do that. Traumas pull you into the moment when, otherwise, you’d be lost on the to-do list that never ends.

You’ll see your busyness, your stress, was mostly a result of a series of micro decisions you made about priorities. That’s all that time management is – managing your energy.

With everything you do and say, you profess that yes, this is worth the cost.

Marathon runners don’t say much on mile twenty; they choose to breathe. And all I have to give is channeled into each moment that I’m awake. I, too, choose to breathe.

Don’t wait for the unexpected to pull you into a moment of clarity. What’s important to you today?