“I’m so busy,” you say when asked about your goals.

Studies show that successful people think more about the “how” to do something than the “what.”

Out of all my thousands of clients, what most had in common was that they couldn’t see themselves. In other words, I had some clients (with all sorts of excuses) swear they had no time to work on their goals when, from the outside, I could see all sorts of solutions.

When you want something done, give it to a busy person. Busyness expands to fill our capacity to handle it.

On one (rare) snowy day I thought: I wonder if the gym will close early. Fitness centers usually close here during inclement weather (since it’s so rare). I called and, sure enough, they were closing by 3 pm. So I rearranged my entire schedule and still made it happen.

To my surprise, upon entering the gym I noticed the only people there were the regulars . . . and that’s because they’re regular. In other words, the people that choose how they’re going to show up in their life don’t look for the reasons to get out of something; they look for reasons to stay in it. What would a successful person do? They show up.