“The Art of Attraction” coaching program is for:

Job seekers

  • Nailing the job interview
  • Optimizing the resume & cover letter
  • Job search hacks
  • Finding flexibility that works for you


  • Building your health coach or business coaching business
  • Brand strategy mastermind
  • Understanding your market


  • The art of disarming (upset people)
  • How to have difficult conversations (mastery)
  • Building people up (culture hacks)

Sales Associates

  • Instant connections
  • The psychology of sales
  • Overcoming objections like a ninja

Are you ready to be your best?

​Ryan Lindner is a recognized leader in performance coaching and time management. He has over 18 years experience in operations performance, talent, and culture transformation, and has worked with some of the most innovative leadership and behavior change firms in the country.

“I am learning to reframe, relax, and feel better about my life overall, and see all the things that I’m doing right. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for real life change.”

Lisa, M.

Former Client

​“Ryan was exceptional. My life has drastically improved. I am so much better off and Ryan was a big part of that.”
Claudia R.

Former Client, Military Spouse

“My initial [meeting] with Ryan was spectacular. He was very engaged[…] and asked a variety of questions that made me feel comfortable. Additionally, Ryan was very focused on understanding my goals as well as helping me reach them.”
Sharon S.

Former Coaching Client