Here are 3 things to never say on your personal or professional profile!

Types of profiles this applies to: your resume, LinkedIn site, dating profile, facebook, and more!


    1. Don’t Use Empty Phrases
      • Don’t describe yourself as a “Team player,” or “people person”
      • Everyone says it – means nothing, they’re “fluff phrases”
      • All your profiles are marketing pieces and should be your time to shine!
      • Instead, describe how you are different. What makes you, YOU?
      • Similar to dating profiles – avoid things superficial claims.
        • Do you like to go out or stay in? (Is there another option?)
        • Do you like to laugh? (Who doesn’t?)
        • Do you like to have a “good time?” (Of course!)
      • Treat it like real estate – everything has meaning and value!
    2. Don’t Be Overly Self-Aggrandizing
      • Don’t market yourself as an expert or prolific author if a simple search would discredit that.
      • Are you an expert? Best-seller? Says who?
      • Let your work speak for itself.
      • The cause/effect idea on resumes also applies to profiles. What makes you, you? What makes you different?
    3. Be Confident and Nail the Impression
      • People notice two things about you right away: your competence and your warmth!
      • Does your profile reflect your personality?